Treating a Saint

Seminole Magazine 2015 May/June

The “ART” of Healing

Treating a Saint

As a sports physician, Lawrence Teixeira, DC, in Altamonte Springs treats many professional and Olympic athletes. He uses a variety of techniques, including  chiropractic, Graston, acupuncture, Kinesio tape, rehabilitation and other therapies. But the most effective technique in many cases is ART: Active Release Technique. Michael Brewster, offensive Lineman for the New Orleans Saints, is one of those pro athletes, and a beneficiary of ART. To prep for next season, Brewster trains with Davis Training Systems and receives ART and chiropractic techniques with Teixeira. Brewster is from the Orlando area (he attended Lake Highland Prep and graduated from Edgewater High School). He sustained an elbow injury while playing for Ohio State and reinjured it during off- season training. His ankle was injured in 2013 while playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars. In three short visits with Teixeira, he says his ankle and elbow are feeling much improved. The ART technique “Dr. Teixeira has relieved much of the muscle tension and adhesions that built up over the years of playing football,” says Brewster. “The treatment, especially ART, has vastly aided in my recovery, increasing my range of motion and decreasing my pain…getting me healthy for training camp and the season.” It was well worth the 40-minute drive from Orlando, he says. “Dr. Teixeira is completely thorough,” he says, and spends time with patients, “giving them the individualized attention they need.”

ART is a hands-on technique that releases soft-tissue restrictions and entrapped nerves. It alters tissue structures by breaking up restrictive adhesions, restoring normal function to the area and releasing pain. Teixeira says he has found ART to be “the most effective thing out there to treat pain. It’s used by most professional sports teams to prevent surgery and to get athletes performing at their highest level.” he says. An experienced ART practitioner can improve most conditions after two or three treatments, and can successfully resolve most conditions in six to 12 visits. (To see if a practitioner is ARTcertified, go to And it’s not just for athletes, Teixeira says. “These treatments can work for anyone.”

the Art of Healing

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